What Is EOS Crypto, In Blockchain Technology

  • EOS crypto is the Blockchain protocol aimed at becoming a decentralized operating system that can support industrial-scale decentralization applications. According to Wikipedia, the EOS protocol emulates real computer attributes, from CPU and GPU hardware to computing resources that are distributed equally among EOS cryptocurrency holders

    From the claim which is an interesting statement for this EOS cryptocurrency is

    1. They claim to have the ability to do millions of transactions per second.

    2. They plan to completely remove transaction fees.

    Operating as a smart contract with a decentralized operating system EOSIO aims to spread decentralized applications on an industrial scale through a decentralized autonomous enterprise model

    EOS crypto provides authentication, databases, accounts, and asynchronous communication, and scheduling applications on several cores.

    EOS is a Blockchain technology-based decentralized system specifically designed to support all commercial-scale decentralization applications by providing all necessary functions to enable EOS to be adopted on Web and Mobile-based applications

    How Does EOS work


    EOS has the vision to build the DApps blockchain platform that is safe and smooth with a scale of thousands of transactions per second, offering an experience that can be accessed by application developers, entrepreneurs, and users.

    They aim to provide and complete the operating system for decentralized applications focused on the web by providing services such as user authentication, cloud storage, and hosting servers.

    What is DApps (Decentralized Applications)?

    It is a type of application where this application is not owned by anyone, cannot be turned off, and the system cannot be down, sounds very unusual

    This type of application is called DApps which stands for Decentralized Applications, a decentralized application.

    Because the DApps concept is still very new, it can be said that there is no single definition that can explain what DApps is. However, an application can be said by DApps if the application has four criteria below:

    Open Source

    The source code of the application must be accessible to everyone


    All application operating records must be stored in a public system and decentralized to avoid central control


    Application has cryptocurrency / digital token/asset to run by itself


    Generates tokens and has a consensus mechanism built in them

    DApps requirement

    What are DApps requirements to support the development of EOS

    Support for Millions of Users

    With scalable support for millions of users, this is one of the DAPP system requirements for EOS development, especially for DAPP who are looking for mainstream acceptance

    Free usage

    With this free use, the developers in making the application can do more freely, no one has to pay for the platform to get the benefits of the application

    Easy to update

    With DAPP functionality that is easy to upgrade, this will give developers the freedom to improve the DAPP application whenever needed, and if there is a bug it must be able to improve without affecting the platform

    Low latency

    This requirement allows DAPP to be able to run as smoothly as possible and with the lowest possible latency

    Parallel Performance

    To save time, parallel performance is needed on one platform that allows DAPPS to distribute workloads

    Sequential Performance

    Not all functions on the blockchain must be done with parallel performance. There are several transactions that cannot be executed in parallel; need to be done one by one to avoid mistakes such as double spending.

    How to mine EOS crypto?


    To get EOS, you can buy Ether then convert it to EOS, with the help of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, because EOs are based on Ethereum networks

    Then how to mine EOS?

    Because there is no EOS mining collection, you can use the method by joining the Ethereum mining group, to benefit from Crypto mining

    Many individuals do mining using only a few rigs, but this method will have difficulty mining in the network, the power produced only with a few rigs will be difficult to get even if one block will be difficult

    However, by joining a mining pool which combines the hash rate of all miners, this will increase the power so that the increase in the likelihood of getting a profit in the block, thus still getting consistent payments from the mining pool, then you can convert it to EOS 

    What you need to do is to follow the guidelines to get Crypto EOS

    Choose any Ethereum mining group you like and then get some ETH (Ether) then Change the Ethereum obtained to EOS using the Indacoin, Binance or tool from eos.io distribution web interface, and you now have EOS

    Mining Cloud of EOS

    Because you cannot mine EOS directly, all you have to do is mine ETH and then exchange it for EOS tokens which is the blockchain based ERC-20 token Ethereum

    Cloud mining is the best choice for people who want to mine cryptocurrencies but don't have enough knowledge for how this process occurs

    The workings of Cloud Mining are companies that provide mining services, then users can buy part of the power for mining, and for this users provide a portion of the profits to the company.

    These cloud mining users can spread throughout the world, by utilizing internet access, with cloud mining it will be cheaper with minimal risk, compared to you buying hardware to mine


    Hashflare.io is a mining company launched in 2015, this is one of the trusted mining vendors

    The company offers a year contract with a minimum hash rate of 100 KH / s for $ 2.20 without maintenance costs.

    Every 24 hours the user can choose 3 groups to mine and divide the hash level between them.

    Thereby increasing your mining capabilities, you can  reinvest your profits to the hash level

    To further understand how to mine with Hashflare.io, you can visit the website and read in detail the prices for this company

    Genesis Mining

    This mining company, including one of the largest offering Ethereum mining services, was founded in 2013 and has a good reputation

    What's interesting about Genesis Mining is that they don't take care costs. And even more great, they offer a lifetime of mining.

    For beginners, you can start with a lifetime Bitcoin mining contract of 100 GH / s (Gold) which will cost you $ 19.

    by trying this will help you understand how cloud mining works and its benefits.

    The second level, you can try a lifetime Bitcoin mining contract of 2,000 GH / s (Platinum) but this will cost you $ 340.

    The third and the biggest level is a Bitcoin mining contract for a lifetime of 10,000 GH / s (Diamond) at a cost of $ 1,600.

    How do I start with Genesis Mining?

    • Create an account and select the cryptocurrency you want to get

    • Buy the required has power.

    • Get your first payment the next day.

    What does EOS stand for Crypto?

    EOS, which is currently ranked 5th in coinmarketcap, has achieved the status of a celebrity on the cryptocurrency market - behind a very successful ICO, and because it sees healthy price increases

    EOS: Basics

    EOS is a decentralized operating system based on blockchain technology, designed with the aim of being able to support decentralized applications on a commercial scale by providing all necessary core functions. 

    This allows companies to build blockchain applications in a manner similar to web-based applications.

    The blockchain network states that they claim to be able to delete transaction fees and do millions of transactions in a second.

    The name of the token is EOS.

    It has several important technological designs, such as DPoS consensus, 100,000+ TPS, zero transactional fees, the ability to change the code, etc.

    EOS development

    At BlockShow Asia, on November 29, 2017, the company that made EOS, Block.one revealed a publicly available test condition, known as EOSIO Single-Threaded Application Testnet (EOS STAT).

    All EOS plans are published in 2017 in the whitepaper.

    The EOSIO platform was developed by a private company, Block.one and subsequently released as open source software on June 1, 2018.

    About one billion tokens are sold on the Ethereum platform by Block.one.

    has ensured that the original token was widely distributed at the blockchain launch,

    Anyone who has tokens can start using it after the EOS blockchain software is released. It provides a distribution network

    10% of this token is reserved for Block.one. A total of 20% of EOS tokens are sold on Ethereum in the first 5 days of all 341 days of token sales. 70% of the remaining tokens, which are under the majority, must be sold and produced at market value.

    Startup, EOS ICO, managed to get $ 170 million in the first step, despite criticism from many representatives in the blockchain community.

    EOS is currently the fifth leading digital currency in the world based on market capitalization.

    Who made EOS crypto?


    From Wikipedia state for the company that has made EOS is block.one.

    The company is registered in the Cayman Islands, which in June 2017 began offering EOS tokens to the public, and great achievements that have raised more than $ 4 billion in records for the ICO.

    There is one name behind the development of EOS, he is Daniel Larimer with the position of block.one Chief Technology Officer, famous for his role in building Bitshares, Steemit, decentralized social media platforms, exchange of decentralization, developing evidence of delegated shares and proposing corporate ideas decentralized autonomy

    Until it's time for a wiki-based online non-profit encyclopedia, Everipedia, announces plans to use EOS blockchain technology and work on a decline in a cryptocurrency called IQ to encourage information on December 6, 2017.

    IQ tokens are created to be exchanged for Bitcoin. One of the company's goals is to stop certain countries from blocking content, by integrating the blockchain model.

    After Everipedia was decentralized and hosted on the EOSIO platform, countries that have blocked Wikipeida such as Turkey and Iran will no longer be able to block it, through the Everipedia fork.

    Mike Novogratz, who served as CEO of Galaxy Investment LP, which is one of the cryptocurrency investment companies, and block.one has led a group of institutions that invested $ 30 million on Everipedia on February 8, 2018.

    Novogratz also funds the EOSIO Ecosystem, a joint venture worth $ 325 million between the Galaxy Digital LP and block.one.

    How to buy EOS Crypto?


    Learning how to buy EOS tokens do have a special meaning for investors because besides making it easy, they can also buy other coins because the process is almost the same.

    EOS, is a blockchain platform that slowly but surely wants to bring the crypto world in terms of making dApps and developing smart contracts easier. This allows users to perform a series of ETH-like services on functions specifically designed for dApps.

    Why do people want to buy EOS?

    The fact that it was designed with scalability, might be one reason why an investor interested in good business might want to buy EOS and support the future development of this unique platform.

    EOS also has various functional tricks and can defeat Ethereum in its own game, and this is a very well funded project (paying for its development through inflation, and through various ecosystem funds).

    Finally, there is the fact that holding an EOS token gives the rights of each token holder with a certain percentage of available network resources. This opens up various opportunities, namely, new projects can directly buy EOS tokens at market prices, or they can rent from other tokens holders.

    Where to Buy EOS?

    To buy EOS there are several exchanges that you can use, for example with Binance, Bitfinnex, Poloniex and other places.

    Some investors have used BInance to get EOS,

    But we cannot directly buy EOS in Binance with US dollars or euros. So the first step is to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on fiat exchanges like Coinbase, CEX.io, or Coinmama

    Buy EOS at Binance

    The first step requires you to access the official Binance website, and create a new account. All you have to do is provide a functional email, password, and agree to the Terms of Use for Binance. Next, you must submit several verification documents to the Binance team. This is also a very good opportunity to activate one of Binance's most important security features, two-factor authentication.

    After your account is set up, you can start sending some BTC or ETH to your Binance wallet. From the main window, select "fund," then "Deposit." Select the desired coin in the dropdown list, and send the coin to the specified wallet address. Wait until the exchange confirms that the transaction was successfully carried out and switches to the next point.

    Now that your coins are in your Binance wallet, you can choose the "Exchange" option, followed by "Dashboard". Click on the EOS / BTC or EOS / ETH pair, and choose how much EOS you want to buy. You can set the price at which you want to buy or buy at the current market price by selecting the "Market" option. Now you can just complete the process by clicking "Buy EOS."

    Once you have successfully purchased your EOS, it is recommended that you transfer it to a safe wallet (maybe even a hardware wallet). Go to "FUND," and then select "Withdrawal"


    Given the rapid development of cryptocurrency, where EOS is currently ranked 5th in coinmarketcap, this position can still shift, because EOS promises a better future in the cryptocurrency market.

    You can track the progress of EOS prices through the provided platform and then decide to trade EOS through exchanges to try to make a profit.

    Or maybe you want to try joining the mining pool to mine EOS through the Ethereum network.

    To discuss an exchange, Binance is one of the most interesting exchanges of cryptocurrency out there and an excellent choice to buy EOS if that's what you're looking for.

    Safe offers low cost, has one of the fastest exchange machines (capable of processing up to 1.4 million orders every second), and works on all devices with a modern web browser. This website also offers multi-language support (Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese).