Frequently asked Questions

  • General questions
    • TenkoFX business model.

      TenkoFX provides access to the Forex market and CFD commodities trading.
      We offer better terms to our clients for effective trade and deriving maximum profit from currency rate movements.

    • Why should I choose TenkoFX?

      Trading with TenkoFX,

      • You will have access to a popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4. It can be installed on mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems, i.e. you will always have access to trade and you will be able to open and close positions at any time.
      • You will be able to open an ECN account with access to global trade without intermediaries, which guarantees instant order processing with no requotes or delays.
      • You will be able to use the innovative PAMM system to trade as an Investor (to invest your funds and derive profit) or Master (to ensure the required trade size and increase your income).
      • You will also have access to a universal desktop which is functional and easy to use.

    • How can I make profit from working with TenkoFX?

      You can act as
      A Trader to open and close positions on your own and derive profit.
      An Investor to choose an experienced Master to invest your capital and receive a share of profit from Master’s trade.
      A Master to receive investments, ensure the required trade size and increase your income.
      A Partner to attract clients and receive a share of commission from their trade.

    • TenkoFX mission and goals.

      Our business is transparent, clear and strictly regulated.
      Our goal is to make profit and help our clients gain income. We regularly invest in new projects designed to develop our services, create innovative tools and expand your trading opportunities.
      TenkoFX is committed to providing each client with full up-to-date information and ensuring personalized and dependable support.
      We believe this is the only way to establish trust-based and long-term relations between brokers and traders.

    • Do you guarantee my account security?

      TenkoFX ensures absolute technical and financial security to both traders and investors. Our security technologies are as reliable as those of financial institutions.

  • Personal Area
    • How to register an account.

      Before you open a trading account and start trading with TenkoFX, you need to register an eWallet. eWallet is the key tool to manage funds and trading accounts from your Personal Account.

      To register an eWallet: ●, Click ‘Registration’ on TenkoFX home page.
      ●, Select a registration methods: via social media (1) or by filling in a registration form (2).

      Email and Security Code fields are mandatory. If you leave the 'Login' field empty, your login will be generated automatically. You will be able to change it after registration Settings→Profile.

      Upon successful completion you will see the registration data for your TenkoFX eWallet on the screen.

      Keep your PIN code in a safe place. It will be displayed to you only once. A PIN code is required to confirm a withdrawal request, to transfer funds between accounts and for other protected transactions.

    • Can I register more than one account?

      You can have only one eWallet. If you cannot access your eWallet for some reasons, please contact our support service to restore it.

    • What is Account Verification, how can I verify my account and what documents are required?

      Please upload scanned copies* of your identification documents for your eWallet verification:

      ● ID – a passport, driver’s license, national ID card or another valid ID with a photo. The ID must not expire within 3 months or less from the date you upload it,
      ● Proof of Address – a utility bill or a bank statement or other bills with the same address as registered in your TenkoFX profile. Proof of Address must not be older than 3 months from the date you upload it.
      ● Selfie – Please upload a photo of you(selfie) holding your proof of identity next to your face. Your face, the edges of the document and the information on it should be explicit.

      *Ensure high quality of your scans, so that we can clearly see the photo and read all the text in the image. (Recommended scanner resolution 300 dpi, and the size of each file approx. 1 Mb).

      We reserve the right to request additional information and documents for your ID verification, e.g. your photo with your passport or another ID.

    • How can I restore password to my personal account?

      To restore your password:

      ●, Click ‘Forgot Login or Password?’ in the Log In window.
      ●, Select ‘Password’ from the ‘Restore’ dropdown list.
      ●, Enter your email address used for eWallet registration.
      ●, Enter the text you see in the box and click ‘Send’.
      ●, We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password. Follow the link to complete the process.

    • Can I change my personal data (email address, postal address, telephone number)?

      Please send a detailed request to [email protected] and list data you want to change. Specify your account number and attach new copies of the same or new ID. Your data will be changed within 24 hours.

    • What is an eWallet?

      With an eWallet you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds from/to and between all your trading accounts opened with a financial service provider (FX contracts) operating via for strictly defined purposes. An eWallet is not a bank account, and deposits in an eWallet do not earn interest.

    • How long does it take to verify my account?

      Account verification usually takes up to 48 hours. However it can take up to 3 working days.

      Please, note: Your account or document verification can take longer, if you submit them for a second review (because your documents were rejected by TenkoFX or you need to submit additional documents).

    • How can I restore the PIN code for my eWallet?

      To restore the PIN code for your eWallet: Log in to your TenkoFX Account. Choose Settings → Restore from the main menu. Fill in the form and click 'Send'.

    • I do not receive confirmation letters.

      The most likely reason is incorrect settings of spam filters for letters from TenkoFX.

      When you register, try not to use free email services. We recommend

    • What is SMS Notification in my personal account?

      With SmsNotification service you can receive real-time information to your mobile phone on your eWallet balance and movement of funds in your accounts.

    • I can’t log in to my TenkoFX account. What should I do?

      When you try to log in, make sure you fill in the following fields correctly:

      ●, Login: your email used for eWallet registration,
      ●, Password: password to your personal account (case sensitive!). To avoid errors, copy your password from the registration letter.

      If your registration data is correct, most likely you have enabled/checked ‘IP Filter’ in your personal account when you logged in previously. The IP filter allows to log in only from one and the same IP address. This is a good security measure if you have a static IP address. Please note, you can’t enable ‘IP Filter’ with a dynamic IP address (or if you don’t know your IP address type). To disable IP filter, please send a request to [email protected] or via Live Chat.

  • Deposit and withdrawal
    • Currency exchange procedure

      If you need to transfer funds from one currency into another (e.g., from USD into RUB), go to Transfer → CurrencyExchange:

      • Select the currency you want to transfer from (e.g. USD),
      • Select the currency you want to transfer into (e.g. RUB),
      • Enter the amount to transfer: in the opposite field you will see the amount according to the exchange rate,
      • Enter the PIN code of your eWallet, Click ‘Exchange’.

      The USD amount will be converted into RUB at the indicated exchange rate within several seconds. Please note: a new currency will be added to your TenkoFX eWallet when you convert to the selected currency for the first time.

    • How can I add funds to my eWallet?

      When you register your eWallet, it includes only a wallet in USD. Later you can add other currencies via depositing in the relevant currency.

      To add another currency to your eWallet, please select:

      • how to add funds to eWallet (select one of the available payment methods),
      • the deposit currency you did not use before (e.g., RUB),
      • the relevant wallet (RUB).

      Fill in the deposit form and click 'Add funds'.
      After your request for deposit is processed, the funds will be added to your TenkoFX eWallet in the new currency (RUB).

    • How can I withdraw funds from my eWallet to a payment system account?

      You can use any currency in your eWallet for withdrawal.

      Please note, the currency for withdrawal from your eWallet depends on the payment system you use. If the currency does not match the currency of your eWallet, the withdrawal amount will equal the requested amount in the relevant currency at the current exchange rate.

      For more information on exchange rates, please see Transfers/Currency Rates History.

    • What is the minimum amount I can deposit into my account and trade?

      The minimum amount you can deposit,

      • From electronic payment systems: USD10, EUR10, RUB300

      • From bank cards: USD10

      • Via a wire transfer: USD500, EUR500, RUB5,000

      • If you have already deposited your account, the minimum additional amount you can deposit is USD1

      The minimum amount for trading is:

      • USD10 for STP accounts

      • USD100 for ECN accounts

      • USD100 for PAMM accounts

      • If you have already deposited your account, the minimum additional amount you can deposit is USD1.

    • What payment systems can I use for deposits/withdrawals?

      Click to read about available payment systems.

    • Do you charge a fee for making deposits/withdrawals?

      A fee is paid on the client’s side depending on the terms of his/her payment system. TenkoFX charges no additional fees.

      Click to view the table with current fees.

    • In what currency can I open a trading account?

      The currency of your trading account depends on the account type:

      STP account type: USD, EUR, RUB

      ECN account type: USD, EUR, RUB, JPY, MBT(Milli Bitcoin), Litecoin, Ethereum

    • I made a request for withdrawal but it was rejected with funds returned to my account. Why?

      To find out the reason why the funds were returned to your account, please check comments for rejection in your Personal Account. In your Account History click ‘Read More’.

      If your withdrawal request is rejected, our financial manager will contact you and explain the reasons for funds return.

      Typical reasons for withdrawal rejection are:

      -Anti-money laundering regulations were violated.

      - You requested a withdrawal via an electronic payment system different from the one used for depositing.

      - You deposited via an eWallet different from the one you use for withdrawal or you deposited in a currency different from the currency of withdrawal.

      - Other reasons. Contact our financial department for more information.

    • I need to enter CVC2/CVV2 code when depositing my account from a bank card. What is CVC2/CVV2?

      CVC2/СVV2 — Card Verification Code2 / Card Verification Value2 is a 3-digit code on the back of your bank card next to the signature strip. It is a special secret code of the issuing bank which depends on the card number and its expiry date.

    • Can I withdraw to a third-party account?

      Withdrawal from a client’s account is possible only to his/her personal account. Transfers to third parties are prohibited as part of the fight against money laundering. The legal basis for this prohibition is a decision of FATF, the Financial Action Task Force on money laundering, established in 1989 by the G7 summit in Paris, France, to develop a coordinated international response to money laundering. In Russia, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service was established in 2001 to fight money laundering.

    • Can I trade after requesting a withdrawal?

      We recommend that you stop trading for 48 hours after requesting a withdrawal (i.e. while your request is being processed). If you continue trading, make sure your free margin exceeds your withdrawal amount.

      If you have open trades and your withdrawal amount exceeds your free margin when the finance department is checking your withdrawal request, the request will be rejected.

    • I deposited my account but I don’t see this payment system among withdrawal options. What should I do?

      Select any other available withdrawal option.

    • I made a deposit but it was not credited to my account.

      Log in to your Personal Account, select Payment Notification, select the required payment option and fill in the relevant form.

      If you used a wire transfer to make the deposit, ask your bank for a SWIFT (telex) copy of the payment and send it to [email protected]. This document will help us track and find your payment.

    • I used different payment systems to deposit my account and received profit/incurred losses. What payment system should I use for withdrawal?

      If different electronic payment systems are used to deposit an account, and a client receives profit/incurs losses, withdrawal is possible via the payment system used for the largest deposit.

      Funds deposited via a wire/internal transfer should be withdrawn accordingly.

    • How long does it take to withdraw my money?

      Withdrawals via wire transfer or to a bank card take 3 to 5 working days. Withdrawals via electronic payment systems usually take up to 24 hours.

      Note: withdrawal requests made during weekends will be processed on Monday.

  • Trading conditions
    • What is the minimum deposit I need in order to start trading?

      To replenish your Money Box account, the minimum amount is:

      • $10 or €10 via for electronic payment systems

      • $10 via bank cards

      • $500 / €500 via bank transfer

      The minimum amount required in your trading accounts is:

      • $10 for a standard account

      • $200 for an ECN account

      • $100 for a PAMM ECN account

      *after replenish your account you can refill it with a minimum amount of $1

    • What is leverage and what leverage can I choose when opening an account?

      Leverage is a loan provided by a broker for trading.

      E.g., 1:50 leverage means your broker will allow you to trade up to 50 times the amount of your actual funds, so the size of your open position can be 50 times larger. Leverage depends on your account type. Check allowed leverage levels.

    • What type of spread if available for trading?

      Only floating spreads are used in TenkoFX.

    • List of trading tools and size of relevant commissions.
    • How can I open a SWAP-free account?

      Open an trading account. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your request to make your account SWAP-free one. In your e-mail indicate your TenkoFX account number and attach the documents which can prove, that you are a Muslim.

    • What is Floating Spread?

      Spreads can vary throughout the day, depending on market volatility, based on demand/supply on the side of the liquidity provider.

    • Information on SWAP-FREE service

      TenkoFX offers Islamic accounts to clients following the Muslim faith. Islamic accounts are swap-free as they imply no swap or rollover interest on overnight/overweek positions. All other trading terms are identical to STP and ECN accounts.

      An additional commission is charged for STP and ECN Islamic accounts. This commission equals the swap.

    • What is the maximum number of orders I can open?

      The maximum number of orders is not limited.

    • How often do quotes change?

      TenkoFX clients receive real-time quotes from the largest banks in the Forex market. Our liquidity providers include Dresdner, SG Paris, Standard Chartered, Barclays Capital, Bank of America, CRNX, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank AG, RBS, CITI, UBS, HOTSPOT INST, GOLDMAN, LavaFX. Prices are renewed automatically as the market situation changes.

    • What is ECN technology?

      ECN system offers access to direct interbank market without intermediaries and guarantees instant order processing with no requotes or delays.

    • What is Margin Call and Stop Out? What are their levels?

      Margin Call: a broker is notifying the client to replenish the trading account balance to keep the minimal margin level. Such requirements are possible when trading with a broker credit (leverage).

      Stop Out: the most loss-making position of a client is closed automatically due to insufficient free margin. This limitation is used for hedging against losses.

      • STP (MT4) - 50 % Margin Call, 30 % Stop Out

      • ECN (MT4) - 100 % Margin Call, 50 % Stop Out

    • Do you allow trading expert advisors?

      Trading expert advisors are allowed subject to trading regulations.

    • What is the maximum number of open orders per account?

      Depending on the type of a trading account:

      • STP (MT4) - 100

      • ECN (MT4) - Unlimited

  • Trading accounts
    • What types of accounts do you offer?

      • STP (MT4) - Market Execution

      • ECN (MT4) - Market Execution

      • Crypto (MT4) - Market Execution

      Compare trading accounts

    • How to open a trading account.

      • Log in to your TenkoFX account. Your login and password were sent to your email address after your eWallet registration.

      • Select your trading account type from 'Open a New Account' menu. Read more on account types.

      Please read the regulations carefully

      Upon successful completion of registration you will see registration data for your new trading account including your trading account number, trader password, investor password, server address and currency of your account. Your account details will be sent to your email address.

      Please use the PIN code of your eWallet for all transactions between your eWallet and your trading accounts. Login (account number) and Trader Password are used to access your account in MetaTrader 4 terminal.

    • In what currencies can I open a trading account?

      At present, you can open a trading account in USD, EUR, RUB, JPY, MBTC, LTC, ETH.
      We will extend the list of currencies available for trading accounts in the near future.

    • Is there a difference between a Demo Account and Real Account?

      Quotes for demo accounts differ from those for real accounts. Quotes for real accounts come from more than 10 approved liquidity providers. Quotes for demo accounts are less reliable due to ongoing testing of new liquidity providers. In addition, open orders impact spreads on demo accounts.

    • How can I restore my trading account password?

      To restore Trader Password or Investor Password for your trading account: ​​

      ​​• Log in to your TenkoFX Account.

      • Select Settings→ Recovery from the main menu.

      • Select your Trading Account for password recovery.

      • Select the required action from the ‘Recovery’ dropdown list: Trader Password or Investor Password

      • Click ‘Select file’ in the ‘ID’ field

      • Click ‘Select file’ in the field ‘Address confirmation document’

      • Enter your telephone number.

      • Click ‘Send’.

      Your request for password recovery will be processed within the next 48 hours.

    • How can I change the leverage of a trading account?

      To change the leverage ​​

      ​​• Log in to your TenkoFX Account.

      • Select Settings → Profile from the main menu.

      • Select Information tab

      • Select your trading account where you want to change leverage

      • Specify new leverage

      • Click 'Refresh' button

      To change the leverage on the ESN account, send a request to the [email protected]

    • Can I change the currency of my trading account?

      You cannot change the currency of your trading account but you can open a new account in the currency you need.

    • Can I delete a trading account?

      It is impossible to delete a trading account for the sake of ensuring the storage of full information on clients’ trade and investment transactions.

      However if you do not use a trading account (i.e. you do not log in to the account via a trading terminal with your Account Number and Password and/or there are no deposits/withdrawals to/from the account for 90 days, the account becomes inactive and is archived.

    • How many trading accounts can I open?

      Each client can add an unlimited number of trading accounts to his/her eWallet but only one eWallet can be registered.

    • How can I deposit a trading account?

      For automatic transfers from your eWallet to any of your trading accounts:

      • Log in to your TenkoFX Account.

      • Select 'Transfer' → 'Internal transfer'.

      • Fill in the form:
      • Select your eWallet number in ‘FROM’ field.
      • Select the currency of your eWallet.
      • Enter the amount you want to transfer to your trading account.
      • In ‘TO’ field, select the trading account number for internal transfer.
      • Specify the currency of the transfer to your trading account.
      • Enter PIN code of your eWallet.

      • Click ‘Send’ button.

      Your trading account will be credited immediately after the transfer is made. A confirmation letter will be sent to your email address.

    • What is Investor Password of the account?

      This password is used only for reviewing the trade history. With Investor Password you won’t be able to execute trades but only to review your trade history and see open orders.

    • Inactive account fee

      A trading account is deemed inactive (or ‘dormant’) if over a period of 90 days there are:

      • no trades or open positions; or
      • no deposits, withdrawals or transfers.

      Inactive accounts will be charged 10 USD each month (Inactive account fee as specified at The fee will be deducted from an account automatically.

      An inactive account will be disabled (placed into archive) when its balance becomes 0.

      If there are funds in your trading account and you know you won’t be trading for some time, we recommend transferring the funds to your TenkoFX eWallet. The eWallet will remain active at all times, even if you do not use it.

  • Trading platform
    • What trading platforms are available at TenkoFX?

      MetaTrader 4: Windows, Web Trader, IOS, Android

    • How to install a trading platform.

      Download the installation file for the trading platform:

      MetaTrader 4 (Windows ver.)

      MetaTrader 4 (IOS ver.)

      MetaTrader 4 (Android ver.)

      MetaTrader 4 (Mac OS ver.)

      Installation manual

      Run the program and select a folder in your PC for the platform installation. Once the installation is complete, you will see the program’s icon at your desktop.

    • What operating systems support your trading platform?

      Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, IOS

    • What password and server should I use to log in to a Real or Demo Account?

      For a real account please select TenkoFX-Real server.
      (ip address:

      For a demo account please select TenkoFX-Demo server.
      (ip address:

      You will need a Trader Password for both accounts.

    • What is the minimum/maximum transaction size?

      Transaction volume depends on the account type:

      • STP from 0.01 to 1000 lots

      • ECN from 0.01 to 1000 lots

      • Crypto from 0.01 to 1000 lots

    • Can I download your quote history for strategy testing?

      Yes, you can download History from the official website of Metaquotes developer. Go to MetaTrader terminal, select ‘Service’ tab and ‘Quotes Archive’, then select the currency pair, timeframe and click ‘Download’.

    • My charts are not updated in the terminal. What should I do?

      You need to close all current charts in the terminal and open them again via the Market Watch tab.

    • MetaTrader 4 Error ‘New Order button is inactive'

      If ‘Open Trade’ button in your MetaTrader 4 terminal is inactive, it means you logged in to your account with Investor Password. In rare cases, this error can occur if trading for the client is prohibited by our manager but this is possible only with prior agreement or notification.

    • MetaTrader 4 Error ‘No Connection’

      This error means you have no connection to the Trading Server. Check your computer's connection and your firewall settings to make sure you have no proxy block.

    • MetaTrader 4 Error 'Trade Context Busy'

      This error means you are trying to process 2 or more orders for opening a position at a time. Try to restart your MetaTrader 4.

    • Trade history

      In MetaTrader 4, trade history can be found in section ‘Terminal’. You can open the terminal’s window by pressing CTRL+T. The window will open at the bottom of the terminal.
      Select Account History tab. Click the right button to open a menu for selecting history intervals and other history parameters.

    • Types of orders in MetaTrader 4.

      Market Order is a broker’s order to buy or sell a financial tool at the current price.

      The execution of this order results in opening a trade position. Tools are bought at ASK price and sold at BID price. A market order can be connected to a Stop Loss or Take Profit order (see description below). The execution of market orders depends on the financial instrument.

      Pending Order is a broker’s order to buy or sell a financial tool at a pre-defined price in the future. This type of order is used to open a position when quotes reach a pre-defined level. There are 4 types of pending orders:

      Buy Limit is an order to buy when the future Ask price equals a pre-defined level while the current price is higher than the pre-defined level. Usually this order type is placed with the expectation that the tool’s price will start rising after falling to a specified level,

      Buy Stop is an order to buy when the future Ask price equals a pre-defined level while the current price is lower than the pre-defined level. Usually this order type is placed with the expectation that the tool’s price will continue rising after reaching a specified level,

      Sell Limit is an order to sell when the future Bid price equals a pre-defined level while the current price is lower than the pre-defined level. Usually this order type is placed with the expectation that the tool’s price will start falling after reaching a specified level,

      Sell Stop is an order to sell when the future Bid price equals a pre-defined level while the current price is higher than the pre-defined level. Usually this order type is placed with the expectation that the tool’s price will reach a specified level and then will continue falling.

      Stop Loss

      This order is used to minimize losses if the financial tool’s price starts moving in an unprofitable direction. If the price reaches this level, the position will be closed automatically. A stop-loss order is always connected to an open position or a pending order. It can be placed by a broker only together with a market or pending order. Bid price is used for long positions in this order (the order is always set below the current Bid price) and Ask price is used for short positions (the order is always set above the current Ask price).

      Traders can use Trailing Stop to automate a Stop-Loss order to follow the price.

      Take Profit

      Take Profit is intended to close out the trade at a profit once the financial tool’s price has reached a certain level. The execution of a Take Profit order closes the position. This type of order is always connected to an open position or a pending order. This order can only be placed together with a market order or a pending order. Bid price is used for long positions in this order (the order is always set above the current Bid price) and Ask price is used for short positions (the order is always set below the current Ask price).

  • Analytics
    • What is a technical blog?

      TenkoFX Technical Blog is a tool to analyze price movements based on technical indicators and moving averages.

    • How to use the Technical blog.

      By default, the technical blog displays all indicators and moving averages available but you can customize it by selecting a required number of parameters from the list.
      Once you customize the blog, it will display the selected indicators and moving averages that signal to buy or sell currency.

      There are five levels of buying and selling:

      • active buy
      • buy
      • neutral
      • sell
      • active sell

      So you buy when you have more buy signals from your indicators and moving averages and you sell when you have more sell signals.

    • What is Forex News section?

      In Forex News section you can find the latest news of the Forex market.

    • What is Economic Calendar?

      Economic Calendar provides a schedule and analysis of events affecting the Forex market.

    • How to use Economic Calendar.

      Usually, when news is released and the forecast matches the actual outcome, the market reaction is insignificant. However, if the forecast and the outcome are different, the market reacts strongly. It is the trader’s task to track news and determine the trend direction.

  • Partner
    • What is the maximum commission amount?

      The maximum commission amount per transaction client is USD100.

      The maximum commission amount per day client is USD1000.

      The maximum commission amount for a whole trading interval is USD10,000. An agent can receive no more than USD10,000 from one client for the whole trading interval. This amount includes commission from all accounts of the attracted client.

    • Do you have a rebate program?

      Yes, you can rebate a certain percentage of commission to your attracted clients.

      To make an individual external or mass external transfer, log in to your Personal Account and select Funds Transfer.

    • What commission does a partner receive from attracted clients?

      It will depend on how active you are. As an Agent (Partner) you will be able to receive 2.4 or more pips for STP accounts or a 15% or higher commission for ECN accounts. Please read more about our partnership program.

    • How can I register a Partner Account?

      A Partner (Commission) Account is generated automatically and displayed in your Personal Account only if you receive a partner reward in the partnership program.

      A multi currency Commission Account is used only for crediting partner commissions a client receives from his or her referrals in line with the terms of the partnership program.

      Your Commission Account number is indicated at the top of the left column on your TenkoFX Account page.

    • Methods to attract clients.

      You can place your referral link on your website, in forums, social media or your personal correspondence. We also offer various promotional products.

    • How can I get a referral link?

      A link for inviting clients is available in your personal account in section Partnership → Referral links.

    • How often do I receive commissions?

      A partner commission is earned every day if the following conditions are met:
      1. A partner received commissions from at least 3 referrals for the past 90 days.
      2. The amount of partner reward reached the minimal threshold of USD10.

      IMPORTANT! Upon expiration of a 90-day interval, all parameters related to the partner commission calculation are reset.

    • Where can I find the referral list?

      Information on all referrals generated via your referral link can be found in your TenkoFX Account at Partnership → Referrals.

    • How many levels do you have in your partnership program?

      Our partnership program has 3 levels.

      From the first level a partner receives 100% of a standard commission (USD15).

      From the second level - 35% of a standard commission.

      From the third level - 10%of a standard commission.

      Note: this percentage can be increased upon achieving certain volumes. Please refer to the commission calculation table.

    • Can my relatives be registered as my referrals?

      No. Any coincidence in Name, Address, Phone number and other parameters will be regarded as an attempt to receive commissions via a phony referral account.

    • What is a comission account?

      This is a multi currency Commission Account for depositing commissions a client receives under the partnership program or TenkoFX CashBack program.
      Your Commission Account number is indicated at the top of the left column on your Personal Account page. It consists of 21 letter/digit characters and starts with XX.

      A Commission Account is displayed only if you receive any reward under the partnership program or cashback under the cashback program.

    • Do you offer commissions for PAMM accounts?

      If the client you attracted is a participant in the PAMM account, depending on the account type, you will receive:

      2.4 pips for each closed position for PAMM STP account,

      15% of ECN commission for PAMM ECN account.

      Read more about Partner commissions.

      If the attracted client is an investor, you receive agent’s commission, i.e. a certain percentage of Provider’s Reward for efficient performance, transferred to the Agent’s account during profit distribution between the Provider and the Followers at the end of a Trading Interval.
      It is the PAMM account Provider who determines the percentage of profit to be paid to agents who attracted Followers.

    • Types of partners.

      There are 2 main types of partnership programs: Agent and Rebate.

      Agent is a universal solution without any specialization.

      Rebate is for TenkoFX clients specializing in Rebate services, i.e. spread rebate.

      For comparative analysis of available programs please refer to section Partnership Program.